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When someone has a good idea, like Sony with the "gifts" of each month if you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, is not more copy. Thus, giving Microsoft takes a few months, and now unquoted games to subscribers of Premium service: Xbox Live Gold. The titles in this occasion are well mixed, and do not want to leave anyone indifferent. We have on the one hand the irreverent #IDARB, the only game for Xbox One of the month, and secondly, the brilliant Brothers of Starbreeze Studios and entertaining sequel to Sniper Elite, both for Xbox 360. We leave you with a brief overview.

This is one of the most irreverent products of the year. To sample as it was conceived: the creator suggested brainstorming by Twitter and clear, Internet did the rest. The result of this curious experiment is a kind of game of handball, which includes many absurdities designs (can handle a piece of bacon), the arcade classic "Winners Do not Use Drugs" as welcome, a sugarcane music and announcements Sharknado 2.

If we ignore the props and focus on its mechanical, we discovered a fun multiplayer (local and online) in which we must be very adept at casting the ball on the tiny goals. The matches will win if you beat your rival on the scoreboard, obviously, but basically the real fun is chaos generated on the screen. Pushing, rebounds, and intermediate sanctions ... where we can emulate the legendary Asteroids shooting the other team.

Do not be fooled by its appearance. It is entirely intentional, looking for the most simple and immediate fun and get it in spades.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Xbox 360)

Starbreeze, creators of jewelry such as The Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness, dared to change gender radically to launch this great Brothers. The adventure of two children and siblings is moving from the first moment, reaching an emotional peak in its final stretch.

The great peculiarity of this title is its control. With each of the control stick handle to one of the brothers, so we must make an effort to convey our hands an independent movement that is not too awkward. The puzzles are actually a whole choreography for our thumbs, and oddly enough so twisted that sounds, we will fast with the controls.

Chafaros not want anything, so either add more. Only say that if you like Journey, Shadow of the Colossus or Limbo, do him a hole Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

This is certainly a curious niche market. Games with a sniper rifle protagonist not proliferate, but Rebellion were awake to find the key at the right time. With this sequel we go to Berlin in 1945 to infiltrate German territory, as important as World War II period.

This is not going like crazy, but to find a place out of action for apostarnos our rifle and wait for the right time. Stealth lethal. In fact, the combat is pretty awkward, and highlights the hands us our long-range weapon. The highlight is definitely the Kill Cam, a camera that pursues the path of the bullet from exiting the canyon to review with great detail the damage that has been done on the victim. Ojo, is so unpleasant that have not hesitated to include a scene where we see the most painful parts explode every man.

We are not facing an outstanding title, but it is a safe entertainment for all fans of the genre. Furthermore, if we eliminate aid and up the difficulty level, we find a very interesting challenge, which is close to the best simulators war.

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And what about the council? Is not there to protect him? Well, actually, it depends. The destruction of our town always make us lose the battle, even if the enemy did not destroy any other building. This, of course, we will lose "Sideways" (ranking points), which put us in a lower category. However, we also will activate a shield to prevent new attacks for 8 hours. So, especially if you have many resources saved because we are saving for something expensive, I recommend leaving our town outside the walls. It is almost always better to lose points to lose resources.
   Another important factor in the defense of our village is the castle of the clan, active defense should be considered when placing it. It is important to be part of a clan and clan castle have the highest possible level, because the troops that we donate our colleagues will go out to protect our ,  whenever possible to colleagues who need it, because otherwise no one will remember us when we require help.
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 And when attacking? Depends on what time we left we are. At first, we must be content with the barbarians and archers. At soon as we have bashing and giant (our first specialized troops) battles will be a little more strategic. We'll have to throw the bashing against the walls while distracted attention from defenses with other units (eg giants). Then the giant devastate enemy defenses. It is always advisable to have some archers as reinforcement for the Giants, and certainly a handful of elves are tremendously useful to loot (remember that the giants will not steal resources while remaining defenses feet).
   Once we have more advanced troops, we can add to our army the healing, that will make a big difference. A good group of giant escorted by two or three healing can cut through virtually any strength in the media stages of the game. More hasten, dragons, P.E.K.K.A. and troops created with dark elixir will lead to new strategies ... but I'll leave that for .

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   One last tip: "Cut the grass." By this I mean felling trees, hedges and dead trunks that appear near our village. Many green gems hidden inside, which are a more important extremely valuable resource to accelerate our buildings or our production resources, or even create new builders. In fact, I recommend save them for this last task, because it is your best long-term use. Of course, we can also buy these green gems with real money if we want, but get a few "free" by removing an old trunk never hurts.

I guess for now, that's all. So good solid lift up your walls, Armour well your troops and fight!